Saturday, October 21, 2006

Turning 50

I turned 50 on October 16th. I have never been one to get overly concerned with aging, however there was something about turning "50" that began last November as a subconscious running dialogue that found its way front and center in my conscious mind for the weeks leading up to turning 50. The reason I know it was November is I joined an exercise group that worked out on the beach once a week. I remember first going last November and telling our instructor how I wanted to get in shape before I turned 50...hmmm...maybe it wasn't so the way I failed miserably at staying on track with that program.

In April I was working with the Turning Point core team about having a strategic plan in place by October for board approval. We decided to do a fundraiser, our first in conjunction with completing the objectives of a capacity building grant we won this year. Since I was turning 50 in October I wanted to do a birthday theme for the fundraiser. I figured I could invite people from all different parts of my life to the dinner/auction in lieu of a big party. I really had no idea how that would go as I have never even been to a fundraising dinner/auction before.

I had a great team gather and plan the event beginning last April. We met April –June and then again beginning in September once a week to plan the event. As we led up to the event I was a bit afraid… one, that not many people would come, and two, what if nobody bid on the items? Well the night came and went and I could not believe how beautiful it turned out. I loved having my family and friends and people that I didn’t even know all together in the same room either because they were supporting me or they came to support Turning Point. It could not have been better. We ended up raising over 20k for Turning Point!!! I am still in a bit of shock about that. So many people stepped up to make the event a success. I have said this before but will say it again and again…I am rich, rich in relationships, if relationships were how we measure wealth, I would be considered a gazillionaire…and I am thankful, thankful to Jesus that he lets me be a part of something that is so fulfilling and so exciting, this adventure of living in the Kingdom of God.

Now, I am at Disneyland with my husband, my eight year old son, my twenty-nine year old stepson and our good friends. We are having a blast! There is nothing better than watching Alex and Nate (my eight year old son and his nine year old friend) on a ride that literally shoots you up into the air over 100ft and then drops you like you are bungee jumping and I am thinking oh my gosh, they are probably so freaked out and when they get off they are going to be crying…and then they get off and say “that was AWESOME” …

All in all, I have to say, turning 50 has been the best!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mars Hill Bible Church

Below is an email response from Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan. Rob Bell is the of Velvet Elvis which I have not read. I was curious as to their view on the role of women in the church. Obviously there is no relation and should not be confused with the Mars Hill Church in Seattle...


Yes, we do have women in senior leadership. Both on staff and as elders. The following is an explanation.

Redemptive Movement / Cultural Analysis / Women in Leadership We believe that scripture is to be interpreted in light of a redemptive arc. This means that things that once were may no longer be. Therefore, our task becomes to apply the ancient text in light of our current context. Throughout scripture there are texts that speak to a specific group of people at a specific point in time. Scripture is not seen as static truths for all times; its context and ours must be taken into account. For example we cite I Timothy 2.11-12 where Paul says that women are not to assume authority over men. In light of a redemptive arc this is not considered a static timeless truth. It is to be applied to that group of people, at that point in history, in that specific setting. We have come to the conclusion that women in our context must have the freedom to serve in all capacities within the local church. For us, this includes the role of pastor and elder. We believe the church is to be a community of free and equal people.

Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Isaiah 1.17

Nate Dawson
Community Life Team
Mars Hill Bible Church