Wednesday, May 24, 2006

McLaren at the Vineyard

Here is an event we are looking forward to. If you are around let us know if you can make it.

Brian McLaren with Off The Map

Vineyard Shoreline – 17712 15th NE Shoreline WA 98155

June 13th 9:30 -11:30 AM

$20 per person at the door

Brian will talk about his new book, evangelism and take questions on any topic

Friday, May 19, 2006

Random Goings On

Today I am at the office preparing to officiate a wedding and speaking for our Sunday gathering. It's raining in Seattle. It has been a beautiful, record breaking week and now the rain actually feels nice.

I am finishing up Overture I for my DMin program. My deadline is June 30th, the pressure is on.

I am working on the Strategic Plan for Turning Point which includes planning our first annual fund raiser...we have a great planning team for the event. It is going to be good fun.

I am seeing the beginning possibly (I almost don't want to say it) of the facility community center dream form. The local YMCA wants to use the building for youth summer camps. I met with a woman from the community who is interested in starting a "community living room" she is a barista and would like to do a coffee shop with free wifi and have youth volunteers to staff it as job training and leadership development. I think it's a great idea. I am praying for all the pieces to come together. We would also like to be a venue for local in some discussions about that. Very exciting times ahead!

Recently read "Simply Christian: by N.T. Wright -- I highly recommend it. I really want to do a spiritual exploration group with it for people interested in exploring the Christian faith.

Thinking about how to form a group from within our faith community who would be interested in meeting some and discussing missional leadership. Something is coming together though not fully yet. We don't want it to be leadership development classes or the such...just a space to gather and discuss dreams, passions and what does a missional leader do...that kind of thing.

Lot's going is very good!

Enough diverting...back to preparing

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Recent Happenings

It's been a while since blogging. Lets see...
We went to Winn's hooding ceremony at George Fox in Portland. Winn is a friend, he received his second doctorate degree which is a big accomplishment... it was fun to be with him and his family for part of the celebration.

Last Thursday through Saturday I went to Whidbey Island with about 35 women from my faith community. We went on a retreat. It was pretty friend Sharon, who is studying spiritual direction and a new friend, Anita facilitated the retreat. We had meaning, fun, great food, great conversation...there was singing, laughing, collaging, praying, walks on the beach and so much is times like these that I am reminded how rich my life is...

Life is so full right now but good, very good...

Today my friend Jim was in my office. He was opening mail and someone sent him some promotional stuff...a button that said I heart (a picture of a heart) my job...he left it on my desk...after he left I looked at that button and smiled...I heart my job!

I am finishing my reading for Overture I in my program...almost completed my 4000 pages! Next I need to do about 25 book reports and write a paper...then I complete Overture I. I am going on a study retreat with my friend Deb the first week of June since school keeps getting pushed to the back of my schedule...we are going to go to her beach house and finish up our writing...

Rich's birthday is at the end of the month...have a surprise 3 day trip to the sun planned with some friends...

Lots to do right now with next steps for Turning Point, VCC and school...