Friday, May 19, 2006

Random Goings On

Today I am at the office preparing to officiate a wedding and speaking for our Sunday gathering. It's raining in Seattle. It has been a beautiful, record breaking week and now the rain actually feels nice.

I am finishing up Overture I for my DMin program. My deadline is June 30th, the pressure is on.

I am working on the Strategic Plan for Turning Point which includes planning our first annual fund raiser...we have a great planning team for the event. It is going to be good fun.

I am seeing the beginning possibly (I almost don't want to say it) of the facility community center dream form. The local YMCA wants to use the building for youth summer camps. I met with a woman from the community who is interested in starting a "community living room" she is a barista and would like to do a coffee shop with free wifi and have youth volunteers to staff it as job training and leadership development. I think it's a great idea. I am praying for all the pieces to come together. We would also like to be a venue for local in some discussions about that. Very exciting times ahead!

Recently read "Simply Christian: by N.T. Wright -- I highly recommend it. I really want to do a spiritual exploration group with it for people interested in exploring the Christian faith.

Thinking about how to form a group from within our faith community who would be interested in meeting some and discussing missional leadership. Something is coming together though not fully yet. We don't want it to be leadership development classes or the such...just a space to gather and discuss dreams, passions and what does a missional leader do...that kind of thing.

Lot's going is very good!

Enough diverting...back to preparing


Pat said...

On the missional leadership front... have you seen Al Roxburugh and Fred Romanuk's _The Missional Leader_? It's a pretty good one - the introduction starts with, 'so you read Gruden's Missional Church and have no idea what to do next, eh?' A bit skewed on the side of a community who wasn't missionally focused and now wants to transition to missionality, but good overall.


magel said...

excited about the ymca thingy.

missional leaders...yeah.

Jim Watters said...

Sounds very exciting Rose. I am still planning on getting back you on those items you helped me with earlier this year. I hope you and your are well. Blessings, Jim

Dawn DiCandilo said...


This is Dawn DiCandilo, Elizabeth's sister-in-law. I want to read N.T. Wright's Simply Christian and would love to dialogue about it with you over blog or email. Are you thinking of forming a "live" group or blog group? Still hoping to get you and Jim out to my church this coming fall! :-)

Rose said...

Dawn, I would be happy to particpate on an online book discussion of the book...I could set up a discussion board for it and link it to my blog...let me know what you think..I would love to come out and visit...hope your are well

Dawn DiCandilo said...

that would be great - - I'll let you know as soon as I get it - I have to order it. Thanks Rose - looking forward to it!