Monday, August 13, 2007

On Vacation

Rich and I are on vacation in Whistler Village. We arrived around 7:00 last night. Alex and his friend Nate are with us. I am looking forward to being with Rich and Alex and just hanging out with no responsibility other than making sure we have some tasty meals! We are staying in a condo so we are able to have most of our meals in. It is supposed to be 80 today...the boys are getting ready to hit the pool and then this afternoon we will walk through the village and check out the upper village.
I started a novel on the way up...brought a couple of books to read for fun. No school reading, no email for work...and no blogging until I am back.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I wonder...

Often we find the purest evil, the most unadulterated selfishness in the people who pride themselves on their morality. William Wilberforce 1797

Tickets are on sale now

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Gay Conversation

I found this on Bob Hyatt's blog which led to this, Eugene Cho's blog
You would have to read the back story on all of this, but it began with Dan Savage's visit to the church Eugene's leads as part of a 30 author rate the church's in Seattle article.
Eugene is a good guy. It seems to me he was attempting to dialogue with Savage around a very controversial issue for many different people of faith. How do people of difference move forward if we cannot have a reasonably respectful conversation from both sides of an issue? If you go and read, I am interested to know how you think the conversation can be framed to promote dialogue and learning from one another rather than combative polarizing?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Made my first deadline!

Deadline - Church History & Revolution -- August 1st

Overture II - India - August 11th

Church History – finished!

Revolution – finished!

Now I am working on my course work for the class I took in India. It will take a good week’s worth of writing. I can see light!

Last night my nine year old son asked me if I could play “go fish”

me at my computer, “no Alex, I am doing school work” (he’s been hearing that for three weeks)

Alex, “I think your school is dumb”

me, “you will be in college someday and then you will understand why this takes time”

Alex, “I’m gonna do what you did, go when I’m 50”