Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Home Today

i worked from home today. alex has been sick since saturday. he had a bad flu but seems to be on the upswing today. hopefully home tomorrow and then he can go back to school.

this weekend we began gen2rev. the live seminar was o.t. survey, putting the story together. it was taught by winn griffin. winn is a gifted teacher and i am happy he is sharing his gift with us.

one of the things that stood out this weekend was how much our view of god is shaped by what we believe about the story. so many of us were steeped in right doctrine, which has its place, but that is a very differnt lens than seeing god as the main character in the story. it is also powerful to see that we are a part of this story. we have our roots all the way back to the creation. i was very impacted to how looking at gen 1 and the exodus story go together and even more so how i incorporate my life today into the story. an example would be, by learning the story of why the law was given, i ask myself, what does my heart bow down to? what has god delivered me from? what enslaves me and will i take god's hand and follow him to freedom?

on another level, the story of god forming his identity in the hebrew people so they could be a light to the world. the story of babel, i ask myself, what do we build in our community that would cause people to worship something or someone besides god? it brings up so much to reflect on. that is a good thing. the learning group, the studying, the learning of the story triggers questions i might not otherwise ask...that's a good thing.

i am leaving on thursday for san diego. i am going to a seminar to learn how to write grants. i want to research and write grants for my community and for others. so off to san diego for 4 days. i will miss my family but am also looking forward to some time away.

oh, one more thought from the weekend. what object can i use to remind me in my everyday life when i run across it, that i serve one god? i have been reading the divine hours by phyllis tickle, which helps me orient my daily life around god, but i am thinking of something that is easier to have around. some in my learning group chose water. whenever they come across water, they would be reminded they belong to one god. i like that. i think i will use water.


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