Friday, October 14, 2005

More Turning Point

I have been listening to different folk talk about their perception of Christians. I don’t know the source of a recent survey, when young people ages 16-29 were polled. They were asked the question, “what do you think of when you hear the brand “Christian”? The top three answers: 1.anti-homosexuals, 2. judgmental, 3. hypocritical. I think this is a sad commentary. Whether it is reality or not is not the issue here. Most of us know the saying, “perception is reality”. Part of our vision for Turning Point is to somehow join with other Christ followers to help change that perception. My reality and the study of our sacred text help me understand the opposite, that Christians should be the most generous and kind people on the planet. To that end, we at Turning Point want to serve those that don’t have economic access to food, shelter, and education that teaches relational life skills found so often in issues of divorce, domestic violence, substance abuse, etc.
We are at the very beginning of developing Turning Point, an organization that will partner with other organizations and individuals. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Where we can, we want to bring support. There are many opportunities available now in our community to serve. Go to the service opportunities link on our website and you can see different ways to partner with the Center for Human Services as well as IHNS to serve our community. We also want to be about the development of new areas to bring needed support to families in Shoreline. We have hosted two brunches and will host another on Sunday, November 9, 2005. We are working on getting certification to offer an educational course, Couple Communication Workshop. Watch for details on how you can help and be a support to Turning Point.


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