Friday, December 02, 2005

Retreat before the madness

As much as I don't want the Christmas season to be crazy busy I have embraced that it will be. When you have 7 grown children, a seven year old, and 8 grandchildren, you are the lead pastor of a vibrant faith community and you have extended family, it is what it is.

So, I began this season with a retreat. I would like to say it was a "silent" retreat, but really it was a retreat for solitude. There were times of silence. It was wonderful. I know that solitude sustains me in the busy life that I lead. I went with 6 other women. We had set times of silence, good meals, sharing of insights and just plain fun. One very small thought I read in a Nouwen meditation I will carry with me and try to get back to often. When Jesus fed the multitudes, he had to receive the little boy's lunch's in receiving that we can give out...I am going to practice "receiving" often so I will have a place to draw from that is not my own.

Retreat is good. Retreat brings perspective. Something happens when all the distractions and busyness are removed, for a few minutes, hours or days...I want to do a 5 day solitude retreat after the first of the year...

A good way to enter the madness...


markhuron4373 said...
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davidwilliams1970 said...
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lilly said...

hey rose! happy new year!
i do hope you had a wonderful christmas and are starting the new year in a peace-filled way!
thanks for the reminder to receive!
and i do hope you get your silent retreat!
i am off to the abbey of gethsemane in ky for five days of silence and refueling! i have given this to myself for my birthday for the past few years and when i missed it last year i felt it all year long!
thanks for all you do! you inspire me long distance!
ps. rob and i are both looking for jobs right now, so if you know of anything email! : ) but prayers for direction and wisdom would be great! thanks! lil

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