Monday, August 07, 2006

First Course Completed

I emailed my course work for my first 8 credits toward my doctorate! 26 page journal, 15 book reports, and a 21 page summative paper. This was one of the more challenging projects I have had to do in a very long time. I loved the reading and the lectures. I had a very difficult time with the writing. I learned a lot about how to manage my time with the writing. For instance, I won't read all 15 books again and then go back and write book reports...not a good way to get the work done.

Now I am working on my next two courses so will have to put in a very large order to Bean Books!

Next O.T. Theology which I am hoping I can do as an Independent Study with Winn Griffin. Winn is acting as a mentor and editor for me as I go through this process. What a gift he is! He has traveled this road twice himself so he has much to impart to me.

I am also going to take the Off The Map conference in November for credit. Go here
for all the details of a party you won't want to miss. I am looking forward to seeing many great folks from around the country at this event. Also, the guests that will be facilitating discussion are some of my favorite people.

It's nice that Bakke Grad School offer this kind of learning experience as course work.

Summer has been interesting. Lots going on. I am hoping for a silent retreat in September! Still working at getting Turning Point off the ground. The faith community is doing well. I have to say it again...I love the faith community I serve. Real people that have found a way to love Jesus in the midst of all their struggles and brokenness.

I was at an event this summer that was over the top "religious" I sat listening to all the blah, blah, blah that religion offers and all the while had to deal with the anger and frustration in my own the way this is a spiritual discipline for me...sitting through that kind of event and not go away judging...real observations, yes, judging that's another level for me..anyway...the point being, the next morning when I got to our worship gathering it struck me once again how incredibly wealthy I am to be in relationship with the people of VCC.

This was a brief interruption of my blogging break!


Jim said...

way to get done pastor

Bob Bowen said...

See you in Seattle in November. Kelly is coming along with me this time!

Pat said...

Congrats! I'm actually trying to sit down and write up more for my global christian history class now, which is all due in a week and a half and i've ignored it since before Brogan was born :-)

I'm doing the OT Theo class next (or that's the plan anyway; financing these things is step by step for us).

Jaosn Clark said...

Well done Rose! :-) Looking forward to seeing you in November. Jason.

Robin A said...

I was at a mega church the last couple of weeks in denver, co and I too had a very hard time not judging them when they prosented their building project to their church like they were selling them disneyworld, but in reallity it was swampland in florida.
I had to keep telling myself that I go to a diffrently focused church and I am just not use to this anymore.
But I love what you put from the book you read. It makes me think of the late Pope John Paul II, He said He prayed for 8 hours everyday connection with GOD. Someone like that would have to because there is so much he could be moved by.