Monday, November 20, 2006


Many have asked what I think about Mark Driscoll’s recent post clarifying his words regarding the Haggard posts. I think it was a step in the right direction, his tone that is. I was disappointed that he did not apologize. He did not apologize for offending readers (even if it was unintentional) and he did not apologize for calling a woman priest an animal.

I am disappointed he has not used his same public stage to issue the proper humble apology that this situation warrants.

A few points of clarification from me:

1. I was not able to get an in person meeting with Mark Driscoll
2. I am not organizing a protest

An intelligent piece today at Jesus Creed on this topic…there is hope in many corners of the faith today.

Happy Thanksgiving


Jim Carlson - Spokane said...

You have been faithful and heroic. I too am disappointed at Marks non response.

Scott said...

i do enjoy the blatant censorship that he employs to ensure that only positive comments are posted on his blog...

Kansas Bob said...

Maybe the response is just symptomatic of the problem. I think that I might have reacted that way in my fundamentalist days.

Rhology said...


He didn't call women animals. his tone is a chauvinistic one, I'll give you that. As a woman, I can see why you would be irritated. But you're going way too far. Driscoll is making up a ludicrous hypothetical to parallel the two situations in the Episcopal Ch, not CALLING women fluffy bunny rabbits. And I see his point 100%: there is no Scriptural warrant for fluffy bunny rabbits to be pastors. But in this climate and given the comments made against Driscoll, the bunny rabbits have a shot at success if they just claim to be victims and claim their bunny-hood has been demeaned. There is the same Scriptural warrant for fluffy bunny rabbits to be pastors as there is for women to be pastors. It's not a role, according to Scripture, that God has made women OR bunny rabbits for. God made it for men. I don't know exactly why, but knowing why is not my job. Following His command is.

Anonymous said...

Your arguments sounded very convincing until I read this:
I think he makes some good points. Can you please clarify your thoughts in response?

Anonymous said...

Hi I must say that i agree with brad and would like your comments on that issue. Thanx


reGeN said...


I think the best thing to do is to leave Mark to God. What he calls women priests is something he will ultimately be accountable for. The last time I checked, it is the Holy Spirit and not a well-meaning pastor who calls and equips saints for service. I guess learning to disagree agreeably in the spirit of Christ is the best way. Driscoll's antics are nothing new and I'm kinda bored with them by now. What matters most is doing our part to advance the kingdom of God in our generation and the generation to come. Peace out.

kat :)

Heather said...

Hi Rose,
I happen to agree with Brad also and wish to know what you have to say about the article that Brad linked to. I look forward to reading your response.