Saturday, June 23, 2007

Letting Go

Keeping up with responsibilities is tricky. I am practicing letting go on many levels. Eighteen months into a doctoral program is proving to be more time consuming then I could have imagined. I love school and receive it as a gift. So, I don’t want to whine. When something as “big” as a doctoral program enters your life (at least mine) others things have to go to make room. That’s the “letting go” I am constantly practicing these days. Some of the “letting go” that does not come easy for me:

  • Spending much leisure time with friends
  • Having time to cultivate new friendships
  • Often having people over to just hang out
  • A clean house (which is why I don’t have many people over these days)
  • Saying "no" to things I used to so easily say "yes" to

These are just a few things…I know this is just a season and in two years when I am graduating with a Doctor in Ministry it will all have been worth it. For now it seems that much of my spiritual work is “letting go” of some of the luxuries that have to be on hold for now.

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