Tuesday, July 03, 2007

First – Orcas Island -- Second - Church History

I am on Orcas Island at my sister’s house. We arrived yesterday and will be here until Thursday. It is so picturesque here. I am sitting in one of the living room’s looking out through the trees at the water. We stayed up late last night playing cards. Karla and I are a bit competitive with the guys…hmmm…the guys are good sports…
Alex and Micah slept out in a tent under the stars. They had a blast. There is no television here so the boys are exploring, hiking, sliding down hills on cardboard and chasing bunnies. Last night we watched deer cross the street and listened to all the night creatures croaking and creaking…
Rich, Alex, my brother-in-law Frank and Alex’s friend, Micah just got back from a hike. Oh yeah, Mr. B and Mario went hiking too!
We got up, had coffee, made breakfast then the guys and dogs went on a hike, Karla worked in her garden and I went to work on my studies.

I began a four part series at VCC on Sunday as part of my course work for the Global Church History class I took in May through Bakke Graduate University. Here are some references I said I would post:

The Story of Christianity by Justo L. Gonzalez Volume I and Volume II
Church History Series on 15 DVD’s by Ray Bakke, done in 1988 at Wheaton College Campus (these may be checked out one at a time – see Rose)
Outline from sermon series available upon request (email rose@vineyard-cc.org)
That’s it for today. More next week. Have a safe holiday.

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Pat said...

Rose, I loved hearing the first part of this.

I would encourage you to write (blog, or otherwise) about the last point you were talking about - monasticism, and where VCC incorporates monastic values and practices. I think this would be really valuable for us reading out here, and probably also for a piece on the church's website as well..

(agree with you about the heresy topic too - did I tell you about the trouble I got into in a BGU class when I spouted off about my "favorite" local heretic? :-))