Monday, May 23, 2005

Catch Up

This week I will catch up at the office. Catch up with people, paperwork and finalize our second grant proposal. I also need to begin the planning process of how we are going to re-organize our community's governance.

Last week I was in Nashville, Ft Wayne and Chicago. A good trip. Off The Map is developing a hearing and it is a much needed corrective to the way we view evangelism. I had a lot of alone time in my hotel and walking around Nashville. I actually feel like my batteries got recharged.

The weekend before leaving I went on retreat with about 25 women from our church. It was a good time. When women go on retreat, it can be a bit intense, but it was a good intense. The setting, the woman that led us in journal exercises and the amount of down time we had made for a good time.

Yesterday was Rich's birthday. We had a nice dinner and some friends invited Alex to spend the night so we could have the evening and today together...It was nice to catch up with Rich. I am practicing momentology (thanks Barb)...I am cherishing and holding the moments of solitude and just being, especially with Rich...

I need to study for the next few weeks of teaching at VCC. We are teaching through Matthew 5,6 & 7...I would be interested to hear from some of you that read my blog, to hear some thoughts on the following:

What could teaching look like in our context at our Sunday gathering if it wasn't always (maybe this was just one way) a person teaching for 20-30 minutes? Any creative ideas? Send them my way...If you want just email them to me, I really would be interested...



waterlooduke2 said...

I for one really like being able to focus on one person to teach 20-30 min. I don't need or desire anything 'creative' just for the sake of stirring it up. (I'm thinking dramas/skits/multiple teachers or whatever.) I think you do a good job of showing videos once in awhile. I suppose that maybe kicking up the existing teaching methods a notch with more visuals (props/images on the screen/) or music...studying lyrics/correlating them to scripture...Anything to anchor the teaching point. What I wouldn't want to see is "entertainment teaching." Thanks,

Sharon Richards said...

Hi. I like reading your blogs, Rose :) I haven't come up with anything creative but if I do, I'll let you know. I hear you.

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