Monday, May 09, 2005

Returning to Life

Life is finally getting back to normal. Mother's day was (other than a slight blip) peaceful. Low key, after our morning gathering, we went to lunch with 4 of our children and my mother. My mother is doing very well. Still recovering, and in a transition to her new home, but all said and done, she continues to heal.

I am looking forward to the next week. On Thursday I leave for our community's women's retreat. We are going to Whidbey Island. It will be a time of being together, journaling, worship and prayer. There are about 30 of us going. I am looking forward to a couple of days of retreat. On Monday I leave for Nashville, Ft Wayne and Chicago with Off The Map. The time away will be nice, even though busy.

We finished our first grant proposal for our new arm of ministry. We will know by June 1st if it is accepted. Our new arm of ministry will be the container for social services to our greater community. It will include our work with low-income apartment communities, the homeless shelter, and resources for marriages in the areas of education, coaching and counseling.

I am so happy to get back to life. Nothing like an emotional roller coaster ride to throw you off kilter for a time.

That's it for now. Peace


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