Saturday, June 25, 2005


I am officiating my niece's (actually my second cousin but like to think of her as my niece) wedding tonight. It should be fun, they are a very sweet couple, mid 20's, both from Montana, so family members from both sides have come for the wedding...many of my family members will be in attendance as well.

I actually like officiating weddings, whether they are people I know well or don't know at all...for me, it is an honor to be with people as they begin this season of their life. Last weekend I officiated a wedding for a couple I did not know. The week of the wedding the bride's mother passed. They had the memorial on Friday and the wedding on Saturday. They did such a beautiful job under very sad circumstances, it was a beautiful wedding. I think this is why I love pastoring, you get to be with people during the most intimate times of their lives, somehow I find Jesus there, right in the middle of these times...for me these are most holy, sacred times...


Pat said...

I like weddings also. They're holy moments, whether those getting married sense it or not.

I officiated a wedding last night - a couple I met through my brother's brother-in-law, out by Poulsbo on the water. It was gorgeous, and it was a really joyful experience. I wish I got to do them more often actually, even though they're really emotionally draining for me, meeting so many new people and making small talk.

Jen said...

This sounds like a really cool part of your job, Rose. I love weddings too and can imagine it to be such a privilege to officiate.

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