Friday, February 23, 2007

Chennai – Day 6 (Saturday)


At 7:00 a.m. this morning I met with Ray to discuss what my area of specialization might be. Right now I am leaning toward Church and Ministry Multiplication. Ray agreed that choosing a specialization that fits with the ministry I am involved in makes the most sense. He wants to introduce me to a woman that created and developed much of the work at Lawndale. I may try to do an Independent Study with her. I also got the go ahead from Ray to do an Independent Study around the work I have done and continue to do with John Savage, Strategic Leadership Institute. Ray agreed with me that Winn would make a great dissertation advisor.

Now we are getting ready to observe a City Seminar. The title of the seminar is Mobilizing the Local Church to Serve the Community. There will be representatives from the various city government and pastors and teachers from all over the city in discussion. Our job is to listen and observe.


Anonymous said...

Rose, it is great to read your blogs - I have been thinking of you. It all sounds an amazing experience and no doubt you will have a lot of processing (and sleeping) to do when you get home... Much love Cathy

Pat said...

Rose, I'm surprised that you're not pursuing Community & Organization Development. That seems right up your alley with Turning Point.

Looking forward to seeing you again, and thanks so much for blogging this trip!!!

Rose said...

Pat, it is a hard decision. Because we are pursuing a different structure - some kind of mission group structure with the kinds of wrestle we are having in our VCC mission to be an incubator it seems that ministry multiplication would make more sense. The type of issues we are having to rethink and experiment with seems like my project would be around that with a community development piece as a part of my project. Lets talk when I get home.

Martin said...

You mention Lawndale in your post. Is that by any chance the Lawndale in Chicago? (New Hope in Chicago)