Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Feb 27th Hyderabad

I only have a few minutes to quickly post. Today's lectures were awesome. We began with Sunil Sardar. He spoke about Phule and Ambedkar and the caste system. He was very good. Some of the students challenged his theology of salvation...he is using the cultural story of ancient India before Brahminism to call people back to God. I will blog more on that later.

The next speaker was a professor of political science at the University here in Hyderabad. I am in an internet cafe so I am giving you a bare bones summary. I don't have my notes with me. This professor does not claim to follow Christ. His studies of history and politics have led him to believe that India will become a post-hindu nation in the very near future. He believes when that happens there will be such a vacuum of faith that 400 million people will be left to convert to either Islam, Buddhism or Christianity. He chastised us as westerners for not bringing the message of Christ to India. He laid out a powerful argument to show how we abdicated to Islam. If what he believes is coming his question to us is what will we do about it...

I am not doing his lecture justice. We were stunned to say the least. 40% of the planet's population is now located in China and India. If India becomes a post-hindu nation the implications for how that will change the world is monumental. The IT industry and other business that is booming here has set the stage for India to become very, very important.

His lecture reminded me of Revelation 3 -- I had a sense the Holy Spirit was saying through him, Western church this you have done well, but here is what I have against you...

Very, very powerful message. I had bought his book for this course and had not read it yet. Now I can hardly wait to read it.

We went out and saw another micro-credit org today. I can't even remember the name of it.

I will have to finish updating when I get home. Tomorrow we have class until evening then Deborah and I go to the airport to start our 24 hour journey home. I will see some of you on Sunday. Thanks to all who have been praying. I have had a wonderful trip. So much to think about and process.


Pat said...

I'd love to read more of this lecture when you get back.

I'm about to start reading "Banker to the Poor" by Muhammad Yunus, on micro-lending. Gotta finish up reading for my next BGU class first, then I get to read what I want for a bit :)

steven hamilton said...

i cannot wait to hear how sundil will incarnate the gospel through the ancient story of india before brahminism...i love that! it's like john using the word 'logos' to desribe Jesus. btw, the greek background for 'logos' as the thing that holds the cosmos together, is much like the indian conception of 'om'. i'd be surprised if this isn't one way to incarnate the gospel in india...