Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bakken - Global Christian History

Ben and I drove to Bakken (Acme) this afternoon. We arrived just before 7:00. Ray and Corean Bakke live on a mountain. They built the house. Corean designed it for her love of art and music. It was built from three types of wood from the property. High, vaulted ceilings with magnificent windows that look out over the beauty of Bakken Mountain. Corean decorates the house with the colors of the liturgical calendar. Right now it is Easter season so everything (candles, Bach's robe) is white. Even the artwork on the walls is changed out with the liturgical calendar. It is Corean's way of expressing her faith in her home at all times not just at Christmas. She will talk with us more about that tomorrow.

Introductions were made tonight. There are about 16 of us, both doctoral and masters students. We officially begin tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. for breakfast and 8:00 for our first session.

The women (6 of us) are staying here at the house. The guys are staying offsite in some friend's homes in Acme. Time to sign off.

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Robin A said...

It sounds so beautiful Rose. Looking forward to reading on your blog what you are learning. PFY