Monday, May 07, 2007


Rich and I are in Anaheim for the Vineyard National Pastor's conference this week. We are looking forward to connecting with friends. Most of all we both realized about a week ago that we are spent. Need some time away together to recalibrate. We spent most of the day so far at the pool. This year the conference organizer's put a lot of free time in the schedule to hang out or to rest.

With the addition of a graduate program into our lives we are realizing we have to take time to rest. At the end of the month we are going away again for three days for complete fun and relaxation. We are going to Las Vegas with our friends to celebrate his 50th birthday. Looking forward to that...

This year the conference will be interesting - celebrating 25 years as a movement. Looking forward to meeting up with old friends and meeting some new friends I have been interacting with via e-mail. Winn and Donna are also here. It is 85 degrees today!


Can Opener Boy said...
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Can Opener Boy said...

Hi Rose,

(oops -- corrected the eMail address and re-posted the comment -- sorry for the duplication)

My wife & I met you last night via Charlie & Carolyn Brown -- we're the ones you and Rich said you'd eMail a reading list to, and you suggested we connect with Kevin Rains (I sent him an eMail this morning).

I tried eMailing you via your website but there were a couple eMail failures forwarding from

Cathy & I would love to connect with you two for a cup of coffee or a meal if you have some time this week.

~ Keith Seckel
~ 650.703.8165

Pat said...

Hey, if you guys keep an eye on the bulletin board, you'll see a posting by Charles & Diana Bello who are trying to get together with other Vineyard contemplative types. I met them last week and really liked them - I think you guys will as well. If you run into them tell them the Lougherys said hi.