Friday, May 11, 2007

Going Home

Rich and I head home this morning. This has been a fantastic time. We had time to hang out together. We spent time catching up with old friends. We also met new friends. I especially had a great time meeting some women face to face that I have been corresponding with over the past few months.

The conference highlights for me:

  • Seeing Amy
  • Meeting Adey, Ellen, Cindy, Diane and many more…we didn’t have much time together but I can’t wait to see how we will connect and work together in the future
  • Lunch with Kevin Rains, Keith & Kathy Seckel and another man from KY (I am so sorry I met so many new people I can't remember your name)
  • Hugging Dave Nixon
  • Bert’s address: “Kingdom…Spirit…Mission
  • Eloise – your prayer and encouragement was unbelievable – the Spirit part of our tradition is something I never want to lose – I had never met Eloise before and at the very end of the evening she prayed the kind of prayer for me that let me know God is very present and knows my heart – wow – she nailed it for me and it was so life giving
  • Spending time with David and Doug. A few months ago (during the Missional Matrix) Kelly said “When you Pray Move Your Feet.” David Ruis’ new album, When Justice Shines will inspire you to do just that. Go here to purchase the album.

One last reflection…why I love the folks that makes up VCC, our faith community. As mentioned in my last post when Rich and I left Seattle last Sunday we were pretty wiped out, tired and cranky. When I get to that point I also get very discouraged…which I was when we left. On Monday morning I woke up to a voicemail from someone that just wanted to say thank you for all Rich and I have done to pour into this life…I won’t go into details. This happened to us one other time a few years back, we were in just about the same shape, went away and woke up to a voicemail from someone just wanting us to know how VCC had made such a difference in their life and wanted us to know. I have had several moments beginning with that voicemail on Monday morning to celebrate, hold and receive as gifts. Now time to go home!

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Robin A said...

I am so happy that you received rest, renewal,incouregemnt, connection.
I just want you know that everytime I sit down to meditate and ask GOD who I should pray for, your name "ROSE" is ALWAYS the first name that GOD brings to my mind. You are NEVER left alone by GOD. He has you surrouned in prayer.